491 Days and counting

That’s me back in the Summer of 2016 just a couple weeks before I started my daily practice. I’d been practicing Kundalini Yoga since 2007, but it was on and off over the years. In the year running up to it, I had only been to a few Kundalini Yoga / Sound Immersion workshops. Workshops with Naomi Charanpal Kaur & Liya Garber with Sound Immersion Experience by Danny Goldberg were the initial inspiration for getting me back on track with my Kundalini practice.

At the time, I was choosing to drink wine (I called in wine yoga), over doing yoga. I guess it just felt easier, and I liked wine. The thing was, it wasn’t making me feel great. If I was home alone, I felt lonely, disconnected and was honestly a bit depressed. I felt the anxiousness of what I projected as the world around me. Not only that, I was getting sick and was tired of being sick. With all these things staring me in the face, and the desire to feel good, at peace and happy inside, I decided it was time to make the practice a daily ritual. (I actually woke up from a dream.) If I learned anything about myself over the years of spiritual and personal work and development, it had to be daily, because what I had learned about myself in the past was that as soon as I took a day off from it, I’d end up distracted and right back to where I had started. It had to be daily.

How the heck was I going to integrate a daily yoga practice into my life, when I couldn’t seem to find time to get to the studio to even do it a few times a week? For me, it was finding something online that I could do any where, no matter where I was. That, and getting a minimum amount of time that I could spend on it every day for those days, when maybe for whatever reason, I didn’t make the time for myself to do more. 15 minutes was what I could wrap my head around.

Soon after I made that decision, I found Jai Dev Singh’s Life Force Academy. I started with one of his power practices, then a Self Love Class, and then just kept going. Once I got going, I was amped. Plus his classes really resonated with me. He explained it on a practical level that just made sense to me. I also counted, for me, counting the days really helped. I gave myself a 40 day goal, 90 day goal, 120 day goal and now I’m shooting for a 1,000 day goal.

Over that time, I’ve evolved my practice, and I keep evolving it as I learn more about the technology of Kundalini Yoga. For me, it works the best, and I can see and feel the transformation. What has transformed? In many ways, its challenging to describe. What I can tell you is – I feel happier and richer on the inside. I haven’t been sick as much. I make more moderate and different choices than I did before. My choices lead me to more yoga over drinking wine now. 🙂 The biggest one I’ve noticed is, I feel more equipped to handle the world around me, no matter what’s happening or what someone may tweet.

If you are interested in trying out this practice, I highly recommend it. It’s definitely worked for me, and I’m going to keep at it.

If you are reading this, thanks for checking it out.

With love and light,

Sat Nam ~ Radha Sangeet Kaur

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